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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Efficacy and Safety of Enterogermina vs Placebo in Combination with ORT and Zinc for 5 Days Treatment in Children with Acute Diarrhea in IndiaRecruiting17-10-2018
Zinc acceptability in children with acute DiarrhoeaNot Recruiting10/10/2018
Efficacy Of Probiotics vs. Zinc vs. Probiotics-Zinc Combination On Acute Diarrhea In ChildrenRecruiting18/09/2018
Probiotics for treatment of acute childhood diarrheaNot Recruiting23/02/2018
Zinc-MNP Trial for Prevention of Diarrhea and Promotion of Linear GrowthRecruiting12/01/2018
The effects of ORS with probiotics, zinc and vitamin A on diarrhea in childrenRecruiting2017-08-17
A clinical trial to find out whether cooked green banana given to children with viral diarrhea hastens recoveryNot Recruiting23-05-2017
Benefits and Risks of Iron interventionS in Children (BRISC): a randomized controlled trial in BangladeshRecruiting08/05/2017
Zinc Dosing Trial - Does Dose Reduction Reduce Side Effects But Retain Efficacy in Diarrhoea ManagementRecruiting07/03/2017
Zinc dosing trial for the treatment of acute diarrhea in under five children in a South Asian SettingRecruiting04-01-2017
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