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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Improved Diarrhoea Management for Children with High Risk of MortalityRecruiting11-07-2017
Lung Recruitment Maneuver for Predicting Fluid Responsiveness in ChildrenRecruiting08/06/2017
A clinical trial to find out whether cooked green banana given to children with viral diarrhea hastens recoveryNot Recruiting23-05-2017
Fluid Responsiveness Using Forehead Sensor in ChildrenRecruiting24/04/2017
Nitazoxanide for the treatment of in acute rotavirus diarrheaNot Recruiting14-02-2017
Assessment of Volume Status by Bedside Ultrasound in Children With Acute GastroenteritisNot recruiting12/01/2017
Intraoperative use of ultrasound as a predictor of hypovolemia in childrenNot Recruiting16/11/2016
Hydration Status Evaluation of Dehydrated Children With Experimental DevicesRecruiting04/11/2016
Prediction of Fluid Responsiveness in Children Undergoing Major SurgeryRecruiting19/10/2016
Reference Values and Determinants of Hydration in Children 3-13 yRecruiting12/10/2016
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