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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Effect of Enhanced Counseling Using Complementary Feeding Recommendation Based on Linear Programming on Nutritional Status,Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Malondialdehyde, and Alpha-Tocopherol in Overweight Children in East JakartaRecruiting29/10/2015
Home Fortification of Complementary Foods in Bihar IndiaRecruiting29/10/2015
OTIS - Optimized Complementary Feeding StudyRecruiting30/09/2015
Improving child development in children in MadagascarRecruiting23/06/2015
effects of teaching sexual health counseling on midwifery students’ clinical skill in providing sexual health counselingNot Recruiting2015-05-25
The effect of feeding weaning foods that contain moringa leaf powder on growth and haemoglobin levels of Ghanian infants aged 8-12 monthsRecruiting12/05/2015
Growth rates of formula-fed infants who start complementary feeding between four to six months compared with after six monthsNot Recruiting05/05/2015
Smile-Kids: Study on Complementary Feeding TransitionNot recruiting13/04/2015
Timing of complementary feeding in preterm infants and the effect on obesity.Not Recruiting20/11/2014
The modified homemade infant food study: Effectiveness of homemade dietary interventions on complementary feeding behaviours and nutritional malnutrition risk studyRecruiting2014-08-19
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