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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Nifedipine Metabolism in PregnancyRecruiting22/08/2018
Comparison of two drugs Norepinephrine and Phenylephrine used for the treatment of fall in blood pressure after spinal anaesthesia for Caeserean delivery of uncomplicated pregnancyNot Recruiting16-08-2018
Effect of sesame oil and almond oil on the striae gravidarumNot Recruiting2018-07-06
Investigation the Effect of vaginal Evening Primrose capsule on cervical preparation for childbirthNot Recruiting2018-06-10
Clinical Trial of high-dose IVIG therapy during pregnancy for women with the history of pregnancy ending in documented neonatal hemochromatosisRecruiting06/06/2018
Effect of TSH Level on adverse Outcome of Pregnancy in Subclinical HypothyroidismRecruiting2018-05-21
Incentives to Quit tobacco in PregnancyNot recruiting16/04/2018
Improving TB outcomes by modifying life-style behaviours through a behavioural intervention comprising motivational interviewing counselling strategy augmented with subsequent short text messagingRecruiting13/04/2018
Vasopressors and acidosis in neonates in caesarean section during spinal anaesthesiaNot Recruiting22-03-2018
A study to evaluate the effect of ondansetron on blood pressure in pregnant females undergoing caesarean delivery under spinal anaesthesiaNot Recruiting21-03-2018
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