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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Technology-Based Intervention for Reducing Sexually Transmitted Infections and Substance Use During PregnancyNot recruiting30/01/2019
Effect of TNG Perl during pregnancy terminationRecruiting2019-01-28
Effect of Balneotherapy in Treatment of FibromyalgiaNot Recruiting2019-01-18
Can the drug acipimox relieve muscle symptoms in patients with mitochondrial myopathy?Recruiting03/01/2019
Intravenous injection butorphanol in the prevention of shivering in parturients undergoing cesarean section under epidural anesthesiaRecruiting2018-12-10
Schistosomiasis Diagnosis Using a CAA Antigen TestNot recruiting08/12/2018
Compare the duration of pain relief after giving injection bupivacaine or injection ropivacaine in patients after abdominal surgeriesNot Recruiting24-10-2018
The Influence of in Utero Cannabis Exposure on Neonatal Brain Morphology and Structural ConnectivityNot recruiting22/10/2018
The Effectiveness of Self-Care-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on DepressionNot Recruiting2018-09-12
Nifedipine Metabolism in PregnancyRecruiting22/08/2018
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