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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
The Effect of Breastfeeding on Brain Development in Preterm InfantsRecruiting2017-01-17
Reducing Scabies in tribal area of GadchiroliNot Recruiting16-01-2017
Effects of an online social network on promoting and supporting breastfeedingRecruiting27/12/2016
A trial to promote breast milk donation among eligible mothers and to optimize its utilization in a newborn unitNot Recruiting25-11-2016
Is it Possible to Extend the Duration of Breastfeeding to the Premature Infant? - a Prospectivt StudyRecruiting01/11/2016
Effect of vitamin D supplementation to mothers on vitamin D status of exclusively breastfed infantsNot Recruiting04-10-2016
Experiential Learning with Empowerment Strategies and Social Support (ELESSS) in Thai Grandmothers to improve Exclusive Breastfeeding among Adolescent Mothers for the first Six Months of the BabyĆ¢??s lifeNot Recruiting01/10/2016
Evaluation of the effect of childbirth preparation educational program on self-efficacy, anxiety, and birth outcomes among first time Jordanian mothers.Not recruiting07/09/2016
The "Pooling" Expressed Breast Milk: A Method for Improving the Nutritional Intake of Premature InfantsRecruiting02/09/2016
Comparison of presence of microorganisms and measurement of calcium , phosphorus . magnesium, sodium and potassium fresh samples collected from the patient side, at home and after pasteurizationNot Recruiting11/08/2016
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