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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
The Effects of Pregnancy Classes and Contributing Factors to Postpartum DepressionRecruiting24/11/2018
Effect of immediate Kangaroo Mother Care on neonatal mortality for mothers and babiesRecruiting19/11/2018
Study comparing the routine care with video assisted teaching of breast feeding skills near delivery on exclusive breast feeding in women becoming pregnant for the first time.Not Recruiting17-09-2018
A randomized controlled trial for comparing sequential and simultaneous bilateral breast pumping for lactation initiation time and maintenance of lactation volume in postpartum non-immediate Breast-feedersRecruiting2018-09-04
A combination of mupirocin and acidic fibroblast growth factor for nipple fissure and nipple pain in breastfeeding women: a randomised controlled trialNot Recruiting2018-07-19
Assessment of breast-feeding promotion in hospitals and follow-up survey of mother-infant pairs in Germany: the SuSe II studyNot Recruiting04/07/2018
HARTI HAUORA TAMARIKI A Randomised Controlled Trial of an Opportunistic, Holistic and Family Centred Approach to Improving Outcomes for Hospitalised Children and their Families Not recruiting28/06/2018
Telemonitoring to improve maternal confidence in breastfeedingNot Recruiting27/06/2018
"Effects of Learning through telegram on the breastfeeding self-efficacy"Not Recruiting2018-06-24
A clinical trial to study the effectiveness of a mobile health application for care of Preterms on the improvement of growth parameters and prevention of developmental delays of Preterm infants.Not Recruiting01-06-2018
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