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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
A clinical trial to study the effects of mobile application based preterm home care program for premature infantsNot Recruiting28-02-2018
Assessing the after-effect of Prenatal Training Module (PTM) of Newborn Care on Knowledge and Skill of MotherNot Recruiting28-12-2017
Cohort analysis and study of intestinal flora in infants and young childrenRecruiting2017-11-04
Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding in Relation to BMI and OverweightNot recruiting03/11/2017
Individual guidelines for changing the attitude of breastfeeding in mothers with newborns hospitalizedNot Recruiting19/09/2017
Effectiveness of a Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Intervention in a Baby-Friendly Hospital in Lao, PDRNot Recruiting17/09/2017
A prospective randomised controlled trial of modified inverted nipple correction with breastfeeding function preservedNot Recruiting2017-09-06
Causes and Underlying Factors of Faltering Growth Among InfantsNot recruiting29/08/2017
Study on the effect of oral tolerance induction by early ingestion of powdered milkRecruiting28/08/2017
The effect of epidural labor analgesia with sufentany on the pospartum breastfeeding behavioursNot Recruiting2017-08-27
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