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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Evaluating the combined use of non-invasive respiratory support alongside preventative anticonvulsant treatment in children presenting to hospital with cerebral malaria and convulsionsRecruiting05/02/2019
Comparison of the impact of educate mothers, auriculotherapy on mothers and infant's massage by mothers on mother's anxiety symptoms in preterm labourRecruiting2018-10-08
Does post-natal breastfeeding support improve rates of breastfeeding?Recruiting20/07/2018
Evaluation of effect of different type of vitamin D on biochemical markers of osteopenia of PrematurityNot Recruiting2018-06-10
Human Milk Fortification: Targeted verses StandardizedNot Recruiting29-05-2018
The effect of Ayurvedic Nutritive Powder as a weaning foodNot Recruiting22-05-2018
Role of prophylactic microbial supplements in prevention of blood stream infection and intestinal tract injury in premature neonatesRecruiting20-04-2018
The effect of massage by mothers on the baby's weight and perceived Self-efficacy of mothers who have low birth weight babies in neonatal intensive care unitRecruiting2018-04-08
Prevention of low blood sugar by 40% Oral Dextrose gel in newborn infant of diabetic motherNot Recruiting27-11-2017
To compare effects of early oral plus tube feed versus only tube feed in terms of achieving feeding tolerance in preterm very low birth weight infants.Not Recruiting27-10-2017
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