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TitleRecruitment StatusDate of Registration
Glucose in Well Babies Study (GLOW): An observational study to determine the glucose profile in healthy babies within the first five postnatal days.Not recruiting22/09/2015
Improving access to primary care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies in Western Australia. The ‘Stork’ stepped wedge randomised controlled trial.Not recruiting17/09/2015
Breast massage on exclusive breastfeeding and problem breastfeedingRecruiting2015-09-09
Effectiveness of back massage on lactationNot Recruiting21-07-2015
The effect of counseling on breast feeding in preterm infantsNot Recruiting2015-01-05
Effect of breast feeding and Sucrose on pain relief in neonatesNot Recruiting2014-12-12
a trial to evaluate the effect of Kangaroo Mother Care and exclusive breast feeding on growth & development of babies with birth weight less than 2500 gram in the first year of lifeNot Recruiting17-07-2013
Can High Flow Nasal Prongs therapy facilitate earlier establishment of full oral feeds in babies who are Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure dependent at 32 weeks gestation?Not Recruiting14/03/2013
Additional Effect of Wound Infiltration After Cesarean Section With Optimal Standard AnalgesiaNot recruiting13/12/2012
Ringing Up about Breastfeeding: a randomised control trial exploring earlY telephone peer support for breastfeeding.Not recruiting24/09/2012
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