RHL app

The WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL) can now be accessed more quickly via a new app. Available for both PC and Apple computers, the app will allow users to store an entire copy of RHL on their computer, which was previously possible only with the RHL CD-ROM. The downloaded version of RHL will allow access to all languages in which RHL is issued, regardless of whether the user is online or offline. The app is also designed to update the downloaded version of RHL automatically each time the user’s computer is connected to the Internet, irrespective of the Internet connection speed.

As connectivity to the Internet has steadily increased globally, more and more people are now accessing RHL online. This has caused the demand for CD-ROM to decline, making small print runs of the CD-ROM version expensive to produce and distribute.

Compared with the CD-ROM format, the obvious advantage of using the app to download RHL on a computer is that users will always have the latest version of RHL as soon as it is updated (each month versus up to one year lag in the case of the English version and more than that for other languages versions).

Download the RHL app on your computer