Evidence-based medicine clinically integrated e-learning course

Targeted primarily at clinicians, the RHL/evidence-based medicine (EBM) e-learning course is the result of a collaborative work involving eight international partners. The course is based on the Leonardo da Vinci - Community Vocational Training Action Programme initiated and supported by the European Commission.

  • EU-EBM
    (Evidence Based Medicine) Courses

This basic course aims to familiarize course participants with the basics of EBM so that they can incorporate evidence from systematic reviews (available in RHL) into clinical practice. In more specific terms, the learning objectives of the course are designed to enable the participants to able to:

  • generate structured questions arising from clinical problems in practice;
  • search relevant literature, identifying systematic reviews wherever possible;
  • assess the quality (validity) of systematic reviews and primary research included within them;
  • assess the applicability of research findings in clinical practice; and
  • identify possible barriers when implementing the output from above activities into clinical practice and apply strategies to overcome them.

The RHL EBM course is divided into five modules and includes a study guide. The course is available at

WHO eLearning Platform