Nathalie Broutet

Nathalie Broutet is a medical doctor with a PhD in epidemiology of infectious diseases and public health. Her research work, while coordinating the unit of molecular epidemiology in a research laboratory in the University of Bordeaux in France, highlights the role of infection in the development of cancer. She has a considerable public health experience in Brazil, where she worked on the control of neglected infectious diseases and the development and implementation of programmes to control sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Since 2000, she has been working at the World Health Organization in Geneva in the Department of Reproductive Health and Research, specifically on prevention and control of reproductive tract and sexually transmitted infections and their consequences. In particular, she has led the work on the elimination of congenital syphilis, its linkages with prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the context of mother and child health programmes, and on cervical cancer prevention and control. She is currently responsible for WHO’ normative work in these two areas. She is also responsible for providing support to countries with respect to implementation and strengthening of national STI and cervical cancer prevention and control.

1 April 2012