Cheng L

Linan Cheng is Professor and Honorary President of International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong Medical College, Shanghai, China. Formerly, she was Director of the Shanghai Institute of Family Planning Technical Instruction. After graduating as a medical doctor in 1975, she went on to specialize in Family Planning at the Shanghai Medical University. In 1982, she completed her MD with research on “First-trimester abortion with prostaglands”. In 1991, as a WHO-sponsored research fellow, Prof. Cheng studied the “Mechanism of mifepristone for termination of early pregnancy” at the Medical Research Council, Center for Reproductive Biology, University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Professor Cheng has vast experience in research and clinical practice in the area of reproductive health. She has published many articles in reputable international scientific journals. She is the Deputy Chairwoman of China Family Planning Association, Vice-President of China Contraception Consortium and member of Asia Pacific Council on Contraception, also the editor of many scientific journals such as the WHO Reproductive Health Library.

1 April 2010