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Pharmacovigilance: First Training workshop to introduce monitoring of safety and efficacy of antiretrovirals in Africa, 1-10 September 2004.


Many countries in Africa are introducing combinations of antiretrovirals as a part of WHO's strategy to provide antiretroviral treatment to additional 3 million people by 2005. Most of the needed first-line drugs are also available as multi-source generics. As with many of the newly registered products there is still limited experience with the operational use of antiretroviral drugs in general, especially in the different developing country settings. It is imperative that measures should be undertaken not only to guarantee the quality of the products but also to ensure proper monitoring of their safety and efficacy

A workshop course is being organized by WHO in Pretoria, South Africa from 1-10 September for HIV/AIDS programme managers and officials responsible for pharmacovigilance in eight African countries (Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia). The aim is to introduce a common system of pharmacovigilance of antiretrovirals, to provide access to the WHO database and international expertise, and to initiate plans for early implementation of pilot projects in the respective countries.

It is hoped that this initiative will be strengthened by follow-up activities and expanded, pending sufficient funding being available, to other countries where extensive treatment programs are starting

The presentations, materials and recommendations given in this event are as follows:

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