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Joint WHO-UNICEF-UNFPA meeting with pharmaceutical and diagnostics manufacturers and suppliers

Hosted jointly by WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA (at UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23‒25 September 2013), this event provided a forum at which medicines and diagnostics manufacturers, quality, safety and efficacy experts, procurement agencies, and international donors working in public health, came together to focus on production and supply of quality essential medicines and priority diagnostics.

The meeting reviewed:

  • market demand and product priorities

  • new product development

  • updates on WHO prequalification procedures and guidelines

  • procurement policies of international procurement agencies and major donors

and included a date that that focused solely on medicines and diagnostics for reproductive health.

Manufacturers also had the opportunity to meet with the assessment and inspection teams of the WHO Diagnostics and Medicines Programmes (to discuss potential or current applications for evaluation), and with members of the procurement teams of UNICEF and UNFPA.

Links to the meeting agenda, programme and presentations can be found below.

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