WHO List of Prequalified Medicinal Products

Please enter the criteria below to display products from the WHO list of prequalified medicinal products. ()

* WHO reference number or "USFDA"/"HCnda"

"+" means combination product, both fixed-dose combination (co-formulated) and co-packaged product (i.e. co-blister)
[A+B] + C means A and B are in a fixed-dose formulation and C is co-packaged
(a) means SRA approved innovator or SRA approved generic prequalified based on abbreviated assessment
"*" refers to products approved by both WHO Prequalification Programme and US FDA
USFDA1 approved by US FDA; USFDA2 tentatively approved by US FDA; EMEA Art 58 - approved by EMEA according to Article 58
Note: For information about the listing of prequalified products and the alternative approval procedure, please see: General information