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OOPS_GGHE-D The Global Health Expenditure Database (GHED) provides internationally comparable data on health spending for close to 190 countries from 2000 to 2016. The database is open access and supports the goal of Universal Health Coverage by helping monitor the availability of resources for health and the extent to which they are used efficiently and equitably. This, in turn, helps ensure health services are available and affordable when people need them. In particular, the data published here contributes to better understanding:

  • How much do different countries spend on health?
  • How much do different actors such as government, insurance companies, households and donors contribute?
  • What kinds of health care goods and services are consumed?
  • Which health care providers deliver these goods and services?
  • What are the financing arrangements to pay for health?
  • How much money is spent on primary health care and on different diseases?

WHO works collaboratively with Member States and updates the database annually using available data such as government budgets and health accounts studies. Where necessary, modifications and estimates are made to ensure the comprehensiveness and consistency of the data across countries and years. GHED is the source of the health expenditure data republished by the World Bank and the WHO Global Health Observatory.

To mark Universal Health Coverage Day in December 2018, WHO has released new data and published the report Public Spending on Health: A Closer Look at Global Trends. It shows a transformation trajectory for global spending on health, with increasing domestic government funding and declining external financing. This report also presents, for the first time, spending on primary health care and specific diseases and looks closely at the relationship between

Alongside this global report and new data, we are also pleased to announce new interactive visualisations of health spending for each country. View, download and print these country profiles from the visualisations section of this website.

In the documentation center, you will find the December 2018 release note, as well as complementary technical notes, methodology guidelines, global, regional and country reports on health expenditure, general information and metadata documents.

For other reference material, please visit WHO’s website for health financing, which contains links to publications as well as an online e-learning course. For feedback or any follow up concerning GHED, please write to

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