Tools for National Multisectoral Action Plan for prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases

(NCD MAP Tool)


Effective action for NCD prevention and control requires careful planning so that limited resources, can be used effectively for a diverse range of needs to prevent diseases and promote health. Without careful planning, available resources may be used inefficiently, and health benefits not realized.

This section focuses on the development of comprehensive national multisectoral NCD prevention and control plan (NCD MAP). While it is not necessary to adhere strictly to the outlined steps, it is important to ensure core elements of plan development are included. It should also be noted that terminology can vary considerably throughout the world: for example, “policy” can mean different things in different settings. Other terminology, such as “prevention” and “control strategy”, is often used. Many Member States already have strategies in place for specific risk factors, such as tobacco, but not comprehensive strategies for NCD prevention and control. Some Member States do not have explicit NCD prevention and control policies, but do have national health plans or strategies that include their policy intentions for these diseases.

Also covered in this section are key issues and roadmaps relating to developing NCD plans, the main purpose being to provide an overall guidance, in one document, to cover the associated "how to" topics.

What is a national NCD MAP? Why is a national NCD MAP? Scope of national NCD MAP