Health laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situations. Second edition. (WHO Regional Publications, Eastern Mediterranean Series; 6)
(2017; 368 pages)


This new edition of Health laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situations provides information on the provision of basic laboratory services in various types of emergencies. It is aimed at all health professionals, including health care managers, physicians, nurses, laboratory personnel and other allied health staff. It will also assist international agencies, national authorities and other bodies involved in emergency and disaster relief in drawing up contingency plans for the provision of emergency laboratory services. This second edition has been comprehensively updated and expanded with detailed modules designed to meet the need for laboratory services in emergency situations while maintaining the principles of quality assurance and laboratory safety. Emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the information provided is simple yet comprehensive and appropriate, and applicable to emergencies and disasters in general, especially in the difficult environments encountered in many countries with limited resources.

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