PQMD Guidelines for Quality Medical Product Donations. February 2019
(2019; 38 pages)


In 1999, against a backdrop of inappropriate medical product donations and the WHO publication of their Inter-agency Guidelines to ensure appropriate and effective donations, an informed alliance of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies incorporated. One of the goals of Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) is to support adherence to and implementation of the WHO Guidelines and continue to encourage/develop appropriate and effective medical donations.

PQMD became the first U.S. organization to endorse and contribute to the WHO Inter-agency Guidelines on Drug Donations, and sponsored the first systematic assessment of Pharmaceutical donations conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health.

In response to the recommendations which came from the Harvard assessment, and working with Temple University, PQMD published The Seven Key Components in the Comprehensive Management of Medical Product Donations. These Guidelines provided some practical advice for organizations considering the management of medical donations in a manner consistent with the WHO Guidelines on Drug Donations.

In 2011, PQMD worked to update the Seven Components and make them into a more detailed document to align with general donation practices. PQMD was, and remains, the only organization to tackle a comprehensive overview of product donations across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical equipment, consumables and consumer products. We feel that through our diverse membership of Donor Companies and NGO partners we have a broad level of understanding of the issues with donations of these types.

As we continue to expand our knowledge, and as the global health environment continues to change, we believe this document must be a living one, so our commitment is to make annual updates to include the latest thinking and requirements. At the heart of the document is our continued reliance on long standing partnerships. A truly successful donation program must rely on trust, knowledge, and familiarity with programs, products, and global health trends. Donations cannot be made without due consideration of a number of topics – some of which are highlighted herein.

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