Somali Treatment Guidelines in line with the Essential Package of Health Services. 1 - Primary Health Unit STGs, November 2015 - Somalia
(2015; 56 pages)


These STGs outline principles for prescribing, and list the best treatments that are currently available at affordable prices. The application of these guidelines for Somali nationals brings huge benefits to the health status and well-being of Somalis, limits potential harm that incorrect prescribing can cause and eases the task of the thousands of health professionals navigating their way through dozens of manuals and protocols. Developed as pocket guides for different levels of the Somali health system in line with the EPHS, the availability of STGs greatly simplifies the task of health professionals in prescribing and ensures that those using the health system know that they are getting the best treatments with the least chance of side effects at low cost. With STGs, the use of medicines becomes rational.

STGs bring everyone involved in medicines onto the same page. They are used by policy makers in the health ministries to set standards and regulate practices. Supply chain managers consult them to ensure affordable generic medicines are available in line with the STGs. Prescribers (health professionals) consult them to ensure all their prescribing is appropriate, evidence-based, and affordable. Dispensers (pharmacists and those authorised to dispense) check that health professionals are prescribing correctly and not duplicating medicines unnecessarily or using inappropriate or expensive medicines. Dispensers also check that prescribed medicines are in line with the formulary for that level facility. Patients benefit from the application of the STGs in knowing that they are receiving the best evidence-based, effective and affordable medicines, greatly improving the quality of treatment they receive and limiting any out of pocket expenses.

The STGs are the authoritative medicine prescribing guide for policy makers, managers, dispensers and health professionals in territories governed by the governments of Federal Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland. This handbook covers what CHWs can treat in primary health units.

This edition of the Somali standard treatment guidelines presents an important step towards the standardization of health care and better quality of care. They are aligned to the core components of the EPHS and should be applied by all health workers providing services at primary health units, health centres, referral health centres and hospitals. They should be part of training institutions’ curricula. They may be expanded in the future as it becomes possible to treat more diseases within the package of essential health services.

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