Appropriate Storage and Management of Oxytocin – a Key Commodity for Maternal Health. WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Joint Statement
(2019; 3 pages)


The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in consultation with international experts and stakeholders, underscore the importance of ensuring the availability of quality-assured oxytocin at all assisted births to save women’s lives. This recommendation results from an exhaustive review of current evidence around oxytocin, particularly the finding that poor quality oxytocin is in circulation in many countries.

These partners strongly urge the following actions:

1. Ensure that oxytocin is managed in a cold chain of 2-8 °C (35-46 °F) for distribution and storage;

2. Procure oxytocin that meets the quality requirements established by WHO or a regulatory authority recognized by WHO;

3. Label oxytocin to clearly indicate storage and transport requirements at 2-8 °C (35-46 °F).

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