Defeating Malaria — Through Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening. Results from the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program
(2017; 44 pages)


This report synthesizes the pharmaceutical systems strengthening efforts of SIAPS and documents how the approach was used to support efforts to control malaria. To that end, a retrospective review was conducted to document systems strengthening interventions that support improved prevention and treatment of malaria.

SIAPS conducted a desk review of activities and results across the eight countries for which the program received funding from PMI, and interviewed key project staff, government stakeholders, implementation partners, and beneficiaries. A total of 73 interviews were conducted, including 33 with SIAPS staff, 25 with government officials, 8 with partners, 4 with health care providers, and 3 with training institution staff.

This report is not intended to serve as an evaluation or study to assess the direct impact on health outcomes. Rather, it aims to mine program data, results, and lessons learned across the duration of SIAPS to document how the SIAPS health systems strengthening approach supported PMI in improving malaria commodity availability and use.

This report is organized to highlight the systems strengthening approach used by SIAPS. Each section features program results across five health system components highlighted in the SIAPS Framework (figure 1).

SIAPS works to:

  • Strengthen pharmaceutical-sector governance to foster accountable and transparent organizations and management
  • Build human resources and institutional capacity for more effective and sustainable organizations
  • Address information needs, including product and patient data to support evidence-based decision making
  • Strengthen financing strategies and mechanisms to ensure adequate funding and efficient use of resources
  • Increase access to effective pharmaceutical products and services that meet a patient’s needs and help to improve health outcomes

Like the challenges they seek to address, systems strengthening solutions in the pharmaceutical sector are frequently interrelated and interconnected across multiple health system components. Efforts to strengthen governance of pharmaceuticals, for example, would likely influence most or all other parts of the pharmaceutical system, including financing, human resources, and service delivery. The activities documented in this report may be presented under one health system component even though nearly all of our activities touch upon multiple components simultaneously.

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