Emergency Medicine Clinical Guidelines. 2016 - Republic of Rwanda
(2016; 310 pages)


The need for emergency care training in Rwanda is particularly significant as the country is undergoing an epidemiologic transition where, communicable diseases and emergency obstetric conditions, injuries resulting from road traffic accidents and industrial accidents, and non communicable disease constitute an increasingly large proportion of the national burden of disease. Both of these broad condition domains require specific emergency care training and expertise in order to secure adequate patient management and favorable outcomes.

The clinical guidelines and protocols for the practice of emergency medicine presented in this document are designed to be a useful resource not only for those wishing to become emergency medicine specialists, but also for general practitioners and other healthcare providers tasked with caring for patients in hospital emergency departments. Healthcare providers using this Emergency Medicine Clinical Guideline (EMCG) are provided with fundamental concepts and principles essential to emergency medicine and the management of patients with undifferentiated emergency conditions.

The EMCG was developed specifically for the Rwandan context using intermediate input surrounding the emergency medicine protocols, for specialty topics within emergency medicine. The guidelines are intended to standardize care at both district and referral hospitals.

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