WHO Treatment Guidelines for Drug-resistant Tuberculosis. 2016 Update
(2016; 64 pages)


The WHO treatment guidelines for drug-resistant tuberculosis (2016 update) contains policy recommendations on priority areas in the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. The revision is in accordance with the WHO requirements for the formulation of evidence-informed policy.

The main novelties of the 2016 WHO guidelines are:

  • a shorter MDR-TB treatment regimen is recommended under specific conditions;
  • medicines used in the design of conventional MDR-TB treatment regimens are now reclassified to reflect updates in the evidence on their effectiveness and safety;
  • specific recommendations are made on the treatment of children with rifampicin-resistant or MDR-TB based on a first-ever individual patient data meta-analysis;
  • recommendations on the role of surgery in MDR-TB case management are included.
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