Financing of R&D Preparedness and Response to Epidemic Emergencies. Outcome document. October 29-30, 2015 Oslo, Norway
(2015; 6 pages)


The Oslo consultation is part of a response to the resolution made by WHO Member States in May 2015 (WHA68(10)) which welcomed “the development of a blueprint, in consultation with Member States and relevant stakeholders, for accelerating research and development in epidemics or health emergency situations where there are no, or insufficient, preventive, and curative solutions, taking into account other relevant work streams within WHO”.

The Blueprint that is currently being developed by WHO consists of five main work streams:

  • Prioritization of 5-10 pathogens and operational plan to transition from preparedness to response (Work stream 1)
  • Identification of research priorities for the above priority pathogens (Work stream 2)
  • Coordination of stakeholders and expansion of capacity (Work stream 3)
  • Assessment of preparedness and impact of intervention (Work stream 4) and, finally,
  • Exploration of funding models for R&D preparedness and response (Work stream 5).

The Oslo consultation focused on Work stream 5 and on how to ensure adequate and sustainable funding for R&D (i) preparedness and (ii) response to public health emergencies due to infectious diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential. Participants explored different options that would ensure that the required research activities are adequately financed and take place in agreement with the overall Blueprint.

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