Report of the Bi-Regional Consultation on Good Governance for Improved Access to Medicines. Manila, Philippines, 9-11 November 2015
(2016; 28 pages)


The health and pharmaceutical sector with its numerous linkages and actors is particularly vulnerable to losses from corruption in the absence of good sector governance. Corruption and weak governance continue to impede worldwide efforts to increase access to quality assured medicines and therefore to the achievement of global health goals. The problems of access stem from issues of financing, unaffordable pricing, and weak national procurement and supply systems. Addressing these interconnected issues surrounding access to medicines and universal health coverage (UHC) requires good governance in the pharmaceutical sector.

The recent Resolution WHA67.22 on access to essential medicines urges Member States to recognize the importance of national medicines policies and their implementation under the concept of good governance to ensure equity in access to medicines and the rational use of medicines. This requires the allocation of resources towards the development, national medicines policies and the strengthening of governance in national pharmaceutical systems.

A bi-regional meeting for representatives from countries from the WHO Western Pacific Region (WPR) and the WHO South East Asia Region (SEAR) was thus held on 9-11 November, 2015 in Manila, Philippines to review and share effective governance practices and strategies for improving access to medicines and to address the implementation of the resolution. Participants included representatives from ministries of health, regulatory authorities, procurement agencies, civil society and pharmacists.

The specific objectives of the meeting were:

  1. To advocate for recognition of the importance of effective national medicines policies, and their implementation under good governance;
  2. To facilitate the exchange of information and collaboration among Member States on governance best practices;
  3. To share experiences with good governance programmes, transparency initiatives and other programmes such the approach of situation analyses of medicines in health care delivery.

This report provides a thematic summary of conference proceedings and discussions. Presentations made at the meeting are available at

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