Characterization of the Supply Chains for Medicines and Medical Supplies in Latin America. January 2015
(2015; 23 pages) [Spanish]

Alliance for Health Logistics Systems in Latin America (ASLAL)


In the region of the Americas different modes of organization are used for medicine supply chains. Some are in the process of transformation as a product of sectoral reforms or decentralization of public administration. However, until now no systematic characterization of the supply chains has been made based on standardized categories. In the absence of this information, the decision makers responsible for the transformations in these countries find themselves without tools for recognizing and comparing the base situation and recording the implications of the changes.

This rapid study, coordinated by the Alliance for Health Logistics Systems in Latin America (Alianza para Sistemas Logísticos en Salud en América Latina, or ASLAL), starts from a taxonomic proposal agreed upon by its members for the purpose of characterizing the medicine supply chains in the Americas based on standardized categories.

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