UNHCR’s Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies. Policy and Guidance 2013
(2013; 36 pages) [French]

UNHCR’s health programmes are based on the concept of Primary Health Care (PHC) through which essential health care is made accessible to individuals, families and the community. Health services are provided to refugees and other persons of concern at national health centres or through health centres supported by UNHCR’s implementing and operational health partners. Provision of medicines, supplies and equipment necessary for preventive and curative health services is primarily carried out through two mechanisms: centrally by UNHCR or nationally through Ministry of Health central pharmacies. The 2013 Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies Policy and Guidance is an update of the earlier version of 2011 incorporating recent policy changes. This policy and guidance tool is designed for all UNHCR staff, notably programme officers, supply officers and Public Health Officers as well as UNHCR’s health partners. This policy contains a chapter presenting selected technical guidelines for UNHCR and partners’ public health staff and pharmacists. Those technical guidelines provide detailed step by step guidance on managing procurement, storage, rational use and monitoring of medicines and medical supplies. The Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies Policy and Guidance will remain valid until 2020. The essential medicines and medical supplies lists will be updated biennially, with the next update in 2015.
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