Manual for Medicines Good Dispensing Practice. Second Edition, May 2012 - Ethiopia
(2012; 114 pages)


Good dispensing of medicines is an important component of rational medicine therapy in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks to end users. However, dispensing practices in Ethiopia are may not to the standard expectations. It is therefore, of utmost importance to prepare this manual that would aid individuals involved in dispensing and improve the quality of pharmaceutical service. Furthermore, the manual is useful for other health care professionals and training institutions.

This revised edition of the manual is intended to cope-up with new Food, Medicine and Health Care Proclamation no. 661/2010 and Regulation no. 189/2011. It is also thought to go with new national standards and directives updates. This edition has also accommodated new topics especially in good dispensing process and also contains useful annexes that will help in day to day activities of the medicines dispensers as quick references. The manual contains four main Parts. The first one deals briefly about dispensing environment and medicines stock management. The second describes principles, processes of good dispensing practices and about the dispensers followed by medicines information. Finally the fourth part gives guidance to quality assurances of the dispensing practice and dispensed medicines.

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