Review of Traditional Medicine in the South-East Asia Region. Report of the Regional Working Group Meeting, New Delhi, India, 16-17 August 2004
(2004; 34 pages)


The South-East Asia (SEA) Region has a rich heritage of several systems of Traditional Medicine (TM), many of which are in popular use. WHO has been assisting countries to promote the use of TM so that this valuable resource is utilized safely and effectively. An intercountry meeting of a Regional Working Group was held on 16–17 August 2004 in New Delhi to help form a Regional Advisory Group for Traditional Medicine in the SEA Region. The Working Group was given the mandate of identifying the composition of the Advisory Group, defining its role and developing an agenda and Programme of Work for the proposed Regional Consultative Meeting to be held in early 2005. The meeting was attended by participants from Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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