SIAPS Annual Report: Program Year 4, October 2014–September 2015. Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services Program
(2015; 268 pages)

Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services. 2015. Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceutical Services Annual Report: Project Year 4, October 2014–September 2015. Submitted to the US Agency for International Development by the Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program. Arlington, VA: Management Sciences for Health.


SIAPS Program objectives are to help countries to—

  • Strengthen pharmaceutical sector leadership and governance and establish sound policies and legislation;
  • Build human resource and institutional capacity for more sustainable organizations;
  • Address information needs to support decision making in pharmaceutical systems;
  • Improve financing strategies and mechanisms to assure adequate funding and effective use of resources; and
  • Provide effective pharmaceutical services that help meet the needs of the patient and the achievement of desired health outcomes.

Ensuring access (defined as availability, affordability, accessibility, and acceptability) to quality essential pharmaceuticals and related services that support their safe, appropriate, and cost-effective use is the key objective of a pharmaceutical system and a core function of the health system it supports. Because essential medicines and health technologies are required for the achievement of desired health outcomes and many disease-specific targets and constitute a key component of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), countries and their development partners, such as USAID, are giving more attention to building stronger systems to produce sustainable improvements in access to and appropriate use of quality products. As Windisch et al. note, “Sustained access to health commodities will depend on the strength of the health system,” not solely the strength of the supply chain.

This report presents highlights of SIAPS’s accomplishments over the course of the entire Program; Program Years 1-4 (PY1 - PY4): October 2011 to September 2015. Country and regional portfolios have demonstrated their contextual application of the SIAPS PSS approach by showcasing key interventions, and the results that have culminated in PY4. Results are also presented here by our core portfolios - health program areas that demonstrate SIAPS’s contributions to the health goals of the USG and Cross Bureau that demonstrates contributions to USAID/W Office of Health Systems (OHS) priority objectives. Lastly, the report presents results by SIAPS intermediate result areas, representing the multiple countries and regions where we work.

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