Sudan Journal of Rational Use of Medicine. SJRUM, Issue No. 05 - September 2013
(2013; 26 pages)


This issue will be specially designated to pediatrics. Definition of a pediatric (Child) patient differs from country to country, WHO defines pediatrics as those patients less than 15 years. The Central Bureau of statistics, Sudan defines pediatrics as those with age groups less than 18 years. Some doctors in Sudan classify pediatrics as those with age groups less than 12 years due to social and religious reasons. Children need special attention in both prescribing and dispensing particularly newborns and infants. However patients who are known to be less than 15 years but are overweight may still be considered pediatric patients given their chronological age; but weights will then need to be estimated and dose adjustment may be needed. For children with special health care needs who have any type of condition that may affect normal growth and development it is important to consider developmental age, rather than chronological age when prescribing or dispensing for this population.

Situation in Sudan is very critical, where most pediatric hospitals and units are very crowded and many are under staffed which may contribute to irrational use of medicines.

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