Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers. Chapter 8: Managing Medicines and Health Products
(2014; 82 pages)

Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers. Medford, MA: Management Sciences for Health, 2010.


Effective supply management has the potential to make a powerful contribution to the reliable availability of essential medicines, which are a crucial part of the delivery of highquality health care services. Because medicines are costly and poor management so often results in waste, good supply management is also crucial to the cost-effectiveness of providing medicines.

As a manager of a health program or health services at the district or health facility level, you can successfully accomplish this by using the practices described in this chapter, which focuses on supply management and use of medicines.

The entire pharmaceutical management cycle rests on a policy and legal framework that establishes and supports the public commitment to supplying essential medicines. The eight major sections of this chapter provide guidance on the following aspects of the management of the cycle:

  • storage management
  • inventory management and stock control
  • distribution of stock from the health facility storeroom
  • good dispensing practices
  • rational prescription and use of medicines
  • disposal of expired, damaged, or obsolete items
  • training and performance improvement of supply staff
  • supervision of supply management

This chapter outlines the essential elements of managing supplies at the district and subdistrict levels and in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), provides practical guidance in assessing and improving the supply system at that level, and offers a range of othertechnical and managerial resources and references that will enable you to improve your management skills and study the areas that interest you further. Each section also provides overviews, guidelines, and checklists that will help you and your team identify and resolve major problems.

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