Gauteng Provincial Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Biennial Report, 1 April 2012 - 31 March 2014
(2014; 27 pages)


The NDP requires the establishment and strengthening of multidisciplinary committees, the PTCs, to ensure rational, efficient, and cost-effective supply and use of medicines. The PTCs are responsible for supporting the implementation of the EML and STGs within their constituencies. Among other functions, PTCs developa formulary list that provides prescribers and dispensers with information on the medicines authorised for use within the sphere of the health care system within which they are practising. PTCs conduct regular assessments to identify potential medicine use problems and design interventions to correct them. Because PTCs are custodians for quality therapeutic care, a sound decision making process and good governance among PTCs are of paramount importance to avoid undue influence.

This 2012–14 biennial report is intended to present information related to the structure and functioning of the Gauteng Provincial PTC, the activities carried out duringthe period, the achievements realised, and the challenges encountered.

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