National Medicines Policy - Papua New Guinea, Second Edition, March 2014
(2014; 38 pages)


Medicines and other health products are a special group of items requiring special attention and care. Unlike other goods of trade and commerce, medicines save lives, improve health and well-being of the population. Therefore, the trade, use and management of these special goods must be adequately regulated and coordinated. The National Medicine Policy 2014 is a response to this need, and therefore, intends to provide a framework and direction for coordinating activities in the pharmaceutical sector in Papua New Guinea, by actors in the public and private sectors and other interested parties.

The areas of concern which require policing and direction are categorized into those that impact on; availability, affordability, regulation, quality assurance, and rational use of medicines. Other areas that will impact on policy implementation include; human resources, organizational structure, research, monitoring and evaluation.

The National Medicines Policy 2014 is an update of the first National Drug Policy 1998. It has taken over a decade since, and this policy outlines strategies that target current situations as well as those anticipating newer challenges ahead.

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