Unmet Need for Oxytocin in Rwanda
(2012; 2 pages)

Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceutical Services (SIAPS) Program. 2012. Unmet Need for Oxytocin in Rwanda. Arlington, VA: Management Sciences for Health.


The recently developed emergency obstetric and neonatal care guidelines [better known as SONU (Soins Obstétricaux et Néonataux d’Urgence)] for Rwanda recommend the use of oxytocin over ergometrine for prevention of post-partum hemorrhage (PPH). This is a sensible recommendation clinically as oxytocin is better tolerated, ergometrine being associated with side effects such as hypertension and vomiting. In addition, oxytocin is easier to handle—it can be stored at up to 30 degrees Celcius and should be protected from freezing. However, ergometrine must be refrigerated, having a shelf-life of only 4 weeks at temperatures up to 30 Celcius, and must be protected from light and freezing.

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