Prescribing Practices of Consultants at Karachi, Pakistan
(2001; 6 pages)


Objective: To audit the prescribing practices of consultants.

Design: A randomized sample survey of 354 consultants prescription for analysis of some basic parameters as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO).

Main Outcome Measures: To provide feedback to the prescribers for promoting rational drug therapy.

Results: The average number of drugs for prescription were found to be 4.51 and the average daily cost of prescribed drugs was Rs: 133.41. The antimicrobials, vitamins/minerals and injections were overprescribed. About half of the prescribed drugs were from the National Essential Drugs List of Pakistan (NEDLP) and only a little over 12% were prescribed by their generic names.

Conclusions: The prescribing practices of the consultants in Karachi are rather liberal and not rational. Overuse of antimicrobials and injections have been observed and there is general tendency of indulgingin polypharmacy requiring continued medical education (JPMA 51:74; 2001).

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