Health Technologies and Pharmaceuticals (HTP) Programme Annual Report 2014. WHO Regional Office for Europe
(2015; 28 pages)


The current report summarizes the 2014 work of the HTP team of WHO Regional Office for Europe in supporting Member States and contributing to health in the WHO European Region in line with the Tallinn Charter and Health 2020.

Our work in and with countries in 2014 continued on the basis of best practices and considered the potential of both the eastern and the western parts of the region. Pharmaceutical policies are embedded in a framework with many stakeholders, a dynamic environment and variations across the region in terms of the political and social context to consider. Generally speaking, resources are always limited but related to pharmaceutical expenditure and given the resource constraints which many countries are facing, it is important to prioritize and obtain best value for money both in terms of public and individual health. Adjustments to pharmaceutical policies have been many but a major expression of commitment was reflected in the reviews of policy and strategies used in countries to increase and sustain access to new medicines in Europe. A WHO technical review of country policy initiatives and opportunities for collaboration and research brought together several WHO collaborating Centres in the region which contributed with their expertise. The report from this work will be published early in 2015 providing policy makers with an overview of policies which affect medicines throughout their lifecycle (from research and development to disinvestment), examining the current evidence base across Europe.

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