Competency Framework for Pharmaceutical Services - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
(2012; 23 pages)


The purpose of this document is to define competencies required for eight core pharmaceutical service areas in both the public and private pharmaceutical sectors of Afghanistan. This competency framework is not specialized to a particular cadre, but instead defines the competencies required of any individual who performs specific tasks in the pharmaceutical sector, regardless of whether they are a pharmacist, pharmacy assistant, or any other cadre.

The eight key pharmaceutical service areas are pharmaceutical policy and planning, pharmaceutical rules and regulations, quality assurance systems, medicine production, procurement, supply chain, drug distribution in private pharmacies and to hospital outpatients, and hospital inpatient dispensing.

The Ministry of Public Health urges the utilization of this competency framework to guide strategies to assess and build the required proficiencies of pharmaceutical human resources at the pre-service, in-service, and post-graduate levels.

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