Medicines in Health Systems: Advancing Access, Affordability and Appropriate Use. Chapter 3 - Annex 4: Medicines in Universal Health Care Coverage. Case Study of Seguro Popular in Mexico
(2014; 12 pages)


With the creation of the national health insurance program called Seguro Popular (SP) in 2003 the Mexican government initiated scaling up health coverage with the aim to reach universal health coverage (UHC) by 2010 (which was later extended to 2011). Affiliation was targeted towards the population previously not covered by other social insurance. Official government sources declared 100% coverage in 2012.

As an upper-middle income country Mexico spent 6.3% GDP on health in 2010, US$962 per capita, out of which 49% were from public and 51% from private sources. As the health system is decentralized the national health policies including those applying to SP are implemented heterogeneously throughout the states. The following describes the main medicines management strategies used to ensure access to and cost-effective use of medicines within SP.

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