External Evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Mozambique. Consolidated Report, July 2007
(2007; 183 pages)


This report summarizes the results of a series of six World Health Organization (WHO) consultancies fulfilling the terms of reference (TOR) for the "External Evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Mozambique, 2005" as authorized by the Ministry of Health of Mozambique. The evaluation took place over a period of 11 months from April 2006. The TOR are contained in Annex 1.

The initial consultancy of this mission involved a survey of the pharmaceutical sector using the WHO Level 2 package of indicators, which had been adapted to the country situation. The report of the findings of the survey carried out in April 2006 is included as Annex 2. In addition to supporting the survey process, the WHO expert together with national counterparts reviewed and prioritized the TOR for subsequent consultancies. This is described in Annex 3.

The second phase of consultancies (June and July 2006) involved 4 experts. One of them, travelled to 2 provinces outside Maputo to gather information and to interview relevant persons about the procurement, distribution and use of medicines in the health services (full report in Annex 4). Two other experts, concentrated their time in Maputo with officials of the Ministry of Health and officers involved in the policy, financing, regulation and supply of medicines (Annex 5). A last one, focused on the quality control laboratory (full report in Annex 6). Other followup consultancies provided further indepth analysis of procurement and storage (November 2006, Annex 7), and product registration and regulation (February 2007, Annex 8).

Mozambique’s Health Partners contributed to the report, providing detailed comment and updated information on three occasions (in August and October 2006, and in March 2007) in response to developing draft versions of the report.

The final consolidated report and the proposed road map were prepared during a consultancy in June 2007 that included further consultations with the Minister of Health, the head of the Central Drugs and Medical Supplies Procurement Service (CMAM), the staff of the Pharmaceuticals Department and the Health Partners group.

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