WHA67.18 - Traditional Medicine. WHA Resolution; Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly, 2014
(2014; 2 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. to facilitate, upon request, Member States’ implementation of the WHO traditional medicine strategy: 2014–2023, supporting their formulation of related knowledge-based national policies, standards and regulations, and strengthening national capacity-building accordingly through information sharing, networks and training workshops;
  2. to continue to provide policy guidance to Member States on how to integrate traditional and complementary medicine services within their national and/or subnational health care system(s), as well as the technical guidance that would ensure the safety, quality and effectiveness of such traditional and complementary medicine services with emphasis on quality assurance;
  3. to continue to promote international cooperation and collaboration in the area of traditional and complementary medicine in order to share evidence-based information, taking into account the traditions and customs of indigenous peoples and communities;
  4. to monitor and allocate appropriate funds in accordance with the WHO programme budget towards the implementation of the WHO traditional medicine strategy: 2014–2023;
  5. to report to the World Health Assembly periodically, as appropriate, on progress made in implementing this resolution.
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