43rd WHA Reaffirms Revised Drug Strategy. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 010 (1990)
(1990; 3 pages)


Delegates at the 43rd Assembly reaffirmed the World Health Organization’s Revised Drug Strategy and called for a strengthening of the Action Programme on Essential Drugs. Denmark stated their support for the Action Programme and Switzerland stated that the evaluation produced useful recommendations for its continued success. Other countries including the United States, Germany, Zambia and Japan contributed perspectives on ways to further strengthen the Action Programme. The proposal to strengthen the Action Programme focused on areas such as coordination, rational use, advocacy, operational research and management. Other highlights from the debate included the Netherlands’ assertion that developed countries have a duty to prevent substandard pharmaceutical exports from reaching developing countries, and Zambia’s statement that it had become the focus of a WHO/African Preferential Trade Area initiative to increase quality control and rational use. The summary of the Assembly also mentions the points made by Germany and the United States regarding each individual country’s right to establish their own drugs list and programmes. Final discussion points included requests for research of traditional medicines, and new ideas on the role of the pharmacist.

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