Drug Policy in Nicaragua. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 004 (1987)
(1987; 1 page)


Nicaragua published an annotated National Drug Formulary (FTN) in 1985 after four years of drafting and discussion. The Formulary has been distributed to health professionals and medical students and adopted as a main reference tool for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics students. For the initial proposal, pharmaceuticals were grouped into three categories based on priority, level of use, and associated risk. The pharmaceuticals were furthered classified by the level of the health system at which they would be used. The proposal for the basic list was circulated and revised for four years before approval and publication. The FTN is part of Nicaragua’s larger health policy, based on the WHO Action Programme for Essential Drugs. Achievements of the policy thus far include doubling the percentage of the population covered by social security, increasing access to medical care to over 80% of the population, and reducing the incidence of malaria and infant mortality. (Abstract by Flannery Bowman, 2013)

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