Essential Drugs Monitor No. 008 (1989)
(1989; 20 pages) [French] [Spanish]


This issue of the Essential Drugs Monitor examines national and regional essential drug programme developments in Latin America. The feature article is a summary of the First Latin American Conference on Pharmaceutical Policies and Essential Drugs, held in Mexico City from 10-14 October 1988. The effect of the economic crisis in this region significantly lowered the availability and access to quality assured essential medicines, and this theme was present throughout the discussions. The conference focused on six areas: pharmaceutical policies, production, supply, rational use, regional cooperation and drug financing. Attendees included experts in medicine, pharmacy, sociology and anthropology. The interdisciplinary nature of the meeting resulted in an increased understanding of the various components needed to plan and implement an effective drug policy. The general consensus at the meeting was that access to objective drug information for professionals and consumers is paramount to the health of Latin America’s population.

Another article on drug policies in Latin America describes Colombia’s effort to implement a new national essential drugs strategy. The strategy will be accompanied by an action plan on essential drugs. A third article reviewed Latin America’s network of national laboratories that promoted information sharing and library updating to improve quality control. A fourth article details national drug policy in Cuba and another explains the strategy for improving the essential drugs supply system in Bolivia. Costa Rica’s national drug formulary, emphasis on health worker education, improved access to information and other initiatives to improve rational drug use are also described in this edition. This Monitor also includes features on countries outside Latin America, including a review of Sweden’s “Apoteksbolaget” model for drug supply and an article on the Caribbean’s effort to lower drug costs through the newly formed Eastern Caribbean Drug Service. The Published Lately section includes guides, manuals and formularies regarding essential medicines and the Newsdesk contains an article on Pakistan’s first National Workshop on the Rational Use of Drugs in Islamabad.

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