Enhancing Efficiency in Pharmacy and Patient Management: The RxSolution Experience at the Intermediate Hospital Oshakati, Namibia
(2012; 57 pages)

Ntege C, Mabirizi D, Kakungulu S, Madende S, Muchadeyi E, 2012. Enhancing efficiency in pharmacy and patient management: The RxSolution experience at the Intermediate Hospital Oshakati, Namibia. Submitted to the US Agency for International Development by the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program. Arlington, VA: Management Sciences for Health.


The Intermediate Hospital Oshakati (IHO) is located in the northern part of Namibia where approximately 60% of the population lives and receives about 1,500 patients every day. Until November 2009, IHO pharmacy was using a manual system to manage its inventory. This, coupled with high patient loads, long patient queuing times, and limited human resources, resulted in unnecessary financial losses due to expiry of products, excessive pharmaceutical expenditures, delays in claiming reimbursement from 3rd-party payers, lack of accurate and reliable data for management decision-making, long patient queues and patient dissatisfaction. In 2009, with funding from the USAID, the Ministry of Health and Social Services implemented a pharmacy management software tool (RxSolution) to improve on patient and the inventory management.

PMIS (Pharmacy Management Information System) Retrospective data was collected over five years, three of which were prior to the implementation of RxSolution tool. Data on key pharmaceutical management indicators; inventory and patient management (patient queuing time, stock card balancing and number of emergency orders) and financing (expenditure on pharmaceuticals and losses due to expiries of medicines), was collected and analyzed (in Microsoft Excel® ).

Analysis of the data showed that after two years of implementation, the average patient queuing time was reduced by 65% from 41 to 14 minutes, the expiries on shelf reduced from 81,289N$ per quarter to 18,779N$ per quarter in the 2 years before and after RxSolution, expenditure on pharmaceuticals has reduced by 45% from 38 to 20 million N$, balancing of stock cards has increased by 57% from an average of 36% to 93% and the number of emergency orders placed has reduced by 56% from an average of 8.25 to 4 orders per quarter. The pharmacy and hospital management now has available a resource of information that is being used for good decision making. Data from the tool is used for discussions in the hospital therapeutic committee meetings and also generation of information on PMIS indicators.

The RxSolution tool has significantly improved patient and pharmacy management in the hospital by reducing the patient queuing time, improvement in inventory management, reduction in waste due to expiry of pharmaceutical products on the shelf, rationalization of expenditures and has provided the hospital management team with valuable information for improving on the rational use of medicines and guiding decision making.

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