Priority Medicines for Europe and the World 2013 Update. Background Paper 7 - Cross-cutting Themes. BP 7.1 - Priority Medicines for Children
(2013; 243 pages)


Children are entitled to safe, efficacious, and age-appropriate medicines. However, the provision of optimal medicines for children is limited by the lack of commercial incentives, a dearth of clinical trials on paediatric medicines, delays in licensing medicines for children, and the absence of suitable formulations for children. Children are not small adults, but rather a vulnerable population with specific needs resulting from their changing physiology, who make up a heterogeneous patient group with a scope of diseases different than those of adults, and for whom there is a scarcity of data on appropriate medicines delivery and use. Therefore, these needs are discussed in detail in this background paper; the challenges and opportunities for improvement and further research are also identified.

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