The National Medicines Policy of Zimbabwe, June 2011
(2011; 25 pages)


The revised Zimbabwe National Medicines Policy (ZNMP) is based on:

  • The previous Zimbabwe National Drug Policy, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, December 1995;
  • Comments on the Draft Revised ZNMP;
  • Comments and proposals from the National Medicine and Therapeutics Policy Advisory Committee (NMTPAC) and the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).

The ZNMP is intended to serve as a reference guide and directive for the implementation of the essential medicines concept and the management and financing of medicines throughout the country. It provides standards of performance for quality assurance and control, regulation, procurement, production, distribution, sale, import/export, advertising, provision of information and the use of medicines. It extends to the training and development of human resources, advancement of research and development, monitoring and evaluation of services and the promotion of both national and international collaboration. A separate policy has been developed for traditional medicine, and that topic is therefore no longer included in the ZNMP. Finally, the Policy no longer deals with the control of abuse involving alcohol, drugs and allied substances as the MOH&CW has established a separate Department that specifically deals with these issues.

Following the 1995 revision of the National Drug Policy there is now once more a need to revise the content of the Policy, to update various aspects of its components so as to reflect better the current situation and recent developments, and to ensure a more specific policy providing clear, achievable and realistic aims for each component.

The major change in this Policy is the substitution of the word “drug” with “medicine” in line with the amendments in the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Amendment Act [Chapter 15:03], Act Number 1 of 1996.

The classification of medicines in the Essential Medicines List; ABC categorisation and VEN has been made clearer.

The other new area is on promotion of local pharmaceutical production through strategies of the government’s Industrial Development Plan (IDP) and Policy Action Plan.

The Policy also targets bringing coherence between health policy and economic development policy. Its aim is to use common ground between the industrial policy and public health policy to facilitate the growth of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

The other new area is with respect to the globalisation of trade and impact on public health.

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