Medicines Regulatory Authorities: Current Status and the Way Forward. Regional Committee for Africa, Fifty-sixth Session. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 28 August–1 September 2006
(2006; 6 pages) [French]


1. The Medicines Regulatory Authority (MRA) is the body in charge of coordinating and overseeing the pharmaceutical sector for the purpose of protecting public health.

2. A study carried out by the WHO Regional Office for Africa in 2004 showed that 90% of MRAs in the African Region lack the capacity to carry out medicines regulatory functions and, therefore, cannot guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of medicines, including traditional medicine. This situation can have adverse implications for public health protection and promotion.

3. In order to address the situation, Member States should clearly define the mission of MRAs and give them the needed legal authority, appropriate organizational structure and facilities, and adequate and sustainable resources.

4. The Regional Committee is invited to review this document and adopt the recommended actions.

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