Procedure for Assessing the Acceptability, in Principle, of Procurement Agencies for Use by United Nations Agencies. WHO Technical Report Series, No. 917, 2003, Annex 6
(2003; 10 pages)


The World Health Organization (WHO) could provide United Nations agencies with advice on the acceptability, in principle, of procurement agencies which are found to meet WHO recommended quality standards, for use by United Nations agencies.

This will be done through a standardized quality assessment procedure.

The purpose of the quality assessment procedure is to evaluate whether the procurement agencies meet the requirements recommended by WHO and operate in compliance with relevant principles for good pharmaceutical procurement.

The quality assessment procedure established by WHO is based on the following principles:

  • reliance on the information supplied by the procurement agency;
  • general understanding of the activities performed by the procurement agency;
  • evaluation of information submitted by the procurement agency in a procurement agency information file (PAIF);
  • assessment of consistency in pre-qualification, purchasing, storage and distribution through compliance with interim guidelines for the assessment of a procurement agency or a Model Quality Assurance System (MQAS)1 as recommended by WHO.

WHO should collaborate with national authorities in the quality assessment. WHO will advise United Nations agencies of the procurement agencies that have been found acceptable in principle for use through a procedure of quality assessment based on WHO recommended guidelines and standards.

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