Pharmalink Newsletter, Vol 8, Issue 1, December 2008. Antiretroviral Therapy for Children
(2008; 8 pages) [French]


Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) members have highlighted the issue of lack of access to medicines for children and are joining other like-minded people and groups to address this issue. As part of this process, we are pleased to share with you this issue of Pharmalink newsletter which in order to provide more insights especially for health workers who are involved in pediatric treatment, explores the issue of Antiretroviral Treatment for Children.

As children’s bodies are constantly changing, drug doses need to be altered to make sure that a child is not given too much, or too little, of a drug. Information about specific drugs is often limited, and drug manufacturers and expert guidelines use a variety of ways to calculate doses of paediatric ARVs, so there is no uniform dosing system to follow. Because of the complex nature of paediatric dosing, under- or overdosing can be a serious risk. Dosing is further complicated by the variety of forms that ARVs may take when provided to children, all of which require different measurements.

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