Medicine Prices in Yemen. A Survey Report on Medicine: Availability, Prices and Affordability
(2007; 41 pages)


The Supreme Board for Drugs & Medical Appliances, the drug regulatory authority, has carried out a field study to measure the prices of medicines in the Republic of Yemen using an international (HAI/WHO) methodology. Data on prices of 35 essential medicines were collected in the public and private outlets/pharmacies in the capital Sana'a City and three main cities in other governorates (Aden, Hodiedah and Taiz). The availability of the medicines was also measured and the added mark-ups were calculated by comparing the market selling prices with registered CIF prices.

The cost of the treatment was calculated for ten medicines and compared to the daily wage of lowest paid unskilled government worker.

The results showed that:

  • The availability of medicines in the public sector outlets was very low. For this reason, we concentrate on the results of the private sector where, in general, good availability, if not excellent, was shown for the generic/branded-generic equivalents.
  • In the private pharmacies innovator brands prices were considerably high, whereas prices of generic (mostly branded-generic) equivalents varied from very cheap to considerably high (for half of the surveyed medicines).
  • The observed prices of innovator brand medicines in the private sector did not match the prices obtained by computing official mark-ups onto officially registered CIF prices. There was great variability with some medicines showing much more than the "official mark-up" and other less than expected market mark-ups.
  • The cost of treatment with generic equivalents is cheaper than with innovator brands.
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